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20 hour rule by Josh Kaufman

Whenever we want to learn something new in our life, we try to find a quickest way to learn it. it is obvious it is human nature. and we confuse our mind to learn it fast, what to do, what to avoid?
And in that state we are very simple victims of marketers. content that is clickbaiting us, like "learn everything fast ,5 steps to become that".

Now i am not saying that josh kaufman is clickbaiting with his 20 hours rules to learn any skill fast. josh kaufman is very honorable to me and his rule is totally true. but in some cases. not in every scenario of life. be conscoius to use these rules.

If  you ever searched: 

How long it takes to learn something new, then probably you know the 10,000 hour rule. Now the confusing part is how the 10,000 hour rule is wrong or is josh kaufman's 20 hour rule is a scam?

Let me clear it .
Not 10,000 hour rule is wrong and not 20 hour rule by josh kaufman is scam. it depends on you and on your situations and on your abilities  and on your targeted skill that you want to learn.

Before we get on to the rules to learn something fast. i want to make it clear, what is the difference between 10,000 hour rule and in 20 hour rule, and what will be the best rule for you to follow.

10,000 rule vs 20 hour rule

The 10,000 hour rule is theorised by professor k-Ander Ericson. And the rule is studied and experimented on high level performance .
and basically the rule is besed upon to master anything from absoloutly scratch. Not just learn something to-do. but master that specific skill.

The 10,000  hour rule is  about to doing a full time job without vocations and holidays for 5 years. and that's a very long period of time. it's the period to master at that skill.

As i said before, the 10000 hour rule is researched on high level performance,(world class athlets, the toppers) and if you want to become an expert to achieve mastery in any thing then 10,000 hour rule is for you. But instead of being export or achieveing mastery on something you just want to learn something new as much as it is needed the 20 hour rule is for you.


If  you want to become a world class musician band then you have to work hard for 10,000 hours. and if you are creative then you will achieve mastery somewhere in between. but commonly it takes 10,000 hours. (a full time job weithout vocations and holidays for 5 years).

But if you want to learn playing guitar as hobby. Just playing your favourite songs on it. then you must have to follow the 20 hours rule.
The whole idea of learning anything fast is based on 5 steps.

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STEP NO.1: Establish What Your Goal is

The first step is deciding what you want. what is the thing that you want to be good at. what you want to learn. what it looks like when you are done.

it is the first and most important step to follow. if you don't know what you want to learn then it's easier to be distrected.
The more clear vission you have to want you want to learn, the more easily and efficiently you will acquire these in results.

STEP NO.2: Deconstruct the Skill

In step one you have decided what you want to learn. in step two look at the skill that you want to be good at and break it down into smaller pieces of sub-skills. if you look at the skills these are not just one skill these are bundles of sub-skills that are making a major skill.

Now break down the major skill into smaller sub-skills and decided what are the most important smaller sub-skills or steps to learn first, so it will make your way easy to learn the major skill.

STEP NO.3: Researching

Researching is the important part to learn something you cannot use your gut feeling, you have to research about your specific skill. and get 3 to 5 resources about what your going to learn.get 3 to 5 books on it, coures, trainings, people or guides.

Don't allow this research to be a form of procastination.
Don't just read 20 books. research just enough to be able self correct, collect these all the resources and the trick is, you don't go through them completely it will be a shap of procastination, you just skim them and you identify the things that are coming over and over again.

STEP NO.4:  Remove the Barriers to Practice

Now this step is for making the way more simple and essier to practice. now-a-days it's easier to be distracted. we have thousands of distractections in our daily life and the step is to removing these distractions from the way you practice.

During the practice process turn of the TV,block the internet, close the door, turn of your focus away from whatever thid thing that you are trying to practice is and make sure that time that you have set aside for your practice in a way that was going to make you better is has undivided and focus as possible.

STEP NO.5: Commite to 20 Hours of Practice

As you set all the steps but you are not commited to learning or investing your just 20 hours of time on that thing that you want to learn, Then you are going to lose and give-up.

The mentality is very important you can not just be intrested on that thing but rather you have to commite to give your time and energy and focuse on it. because

 "No greatness comes in your comfert zone"

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