2 Ways to Become an Influencer and get Fame

2 Ways to Become an Influencer and get Fame

You wanna be an influencer? you wanna influence people online and wanna be a celebrity, whenever you show up everybody pulls out their cellphone and take selfies with you?
and your reading this post, probably your answer might be yes. Congratulation!

And it's a humor thing. definitely, everyone wants fame. everyone wants to be a celebrity. Thousands of followers if not millions.

You've seen all the content online on this topic, The 101 guide to becoming an influencer online. 10 steps to become a social media influencer.
blah, blah, blah,

There are numbers of books, articles, courses, videos on this, if you want a practical, then go to on google and search and you will find these all phrases. but overall there are just two ways that I know to influence human beings. no matter online, offline, or in business.

But first what is an influencer?

(In case you didn't know) what is an influencer?

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I don't care how the world thinks of the influencing industry. (it's a whole business model that is why I called it influencing the industry.) I don't care what definition you have of influencing in your dictionary.
I have my own definition of the influencing.

"An influencer is the person who influence the people the whom he or she is surrounded by and help and make the way to getting what they want in their lives. and the people who follow you will trust believes and they are willing to go on the path that you sat for them."

Being an influencer is very likely to be a leader, it is political leadership.
And that is what it means to be an influencer.

Now out that definition in perspective, and let's move on to these two steps.

1. Dig them more digger in their illusions.


2. Set them free.

Now let's go to on these, how these two steps will make you an influencer.

1. Dig them more digger in their illusions

This is the most common step that the rest is following.

Every teacher on influencing will always teach you to give your followers those things that they want. not things that will be beneficial for them. not the things that will help them to become something in their lives. but rather the things that they want to see, want to enjoy or worst wants to spend time on.

And the best method the teachers of these criteria will share with you is this:

Entertain, generate your leads and execute,(that is all and I call it the pyramid of influencers (digger influencers).

  1. -They all start from entertaining you, they want you to click them, they want you to listen to them, they want you to follow them, then the move on the next step that actually where all the influencers make their money.
  2. -They try to generate their leads. they want you to click on some links, they want you to vote for them, they want you to purchase something from them. then the last step.
  3. -You got entertainment for a while, you have given something back to them, in the exchange of the entertainment that you have gotten. and the circle ends for a time. (that's it).

These all rules also apply to your traditional life, with the people whom you surrounded by.whom you dealing with, whom you spending time.

If someone has an illusion on something dig them more digger.

Let me explain.

If someone has an illusion or confusion for doing some tasks. dig them more digger on that.

Or let's say:

If someone believes that ghosts exist dig them more digger. tell them stories of ghosts, tell them the non-sense. and believe me, every time they think of ghosts they will also think of you. because you have dug them more digger in their illusions and that's the most simple way to become an influencer that is the most useful way that the influencers of our time are using.

None of them has told us something that means for us. every one of them is digging us more digger in our beliefs and in our illusions.

2- Set them free:

This is the magical part, you really want to be an influencer then that is something that I highly recommend you to do.

You can set them free, whatever the things that they want, whatever they want to do, whatever they want to believe on, and at some time you are influencing them instead of digging them more digger. You can be in the first way you will make money from them and in the second way they will bring money to you.

What you think, what is the best way to be an influencer, obviously it is the second way. and it is the way of true leaders and true influencers, and it is the way of inspiring organizations.

The one is a finite way of influencing and the second is an infinite way. the one is lasting and the second is never lasting.

Put that in perspective.
If someone is working on a project and he is distracted by the outside pressure and he is distracted by outside noise, he is distracted by the people. and you come and you relieved him from all the outsides distractions and now he is able to work on his project. and that is the best influencing at all.

Guess what.

Whenever he starts a project he will think of you first, whenever he starts, he will first call you.

And that is the best way that I know to influence human being.

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