Gary Vaynerchuk, From Unknown to The World Famous Personalities by Gary Vaynerchuk on Rewind Successful Life

Gary Vaynerchuk,  From Unknown to The World Famous Personalities by Gary Vaynerchuk on Rewind Successful Life

He is the chairman of Vayner X, a modren-day media and comunications holding company, and the active CEO of vayner media, a full-service advertising agency servicing fortune 100 clients across the company's 4 locations.

In the late 90s, Gary transitioned his
father's local liquor store into one of the first wine E-commerce platforms resulting in growing the family business from $3-60MM in sales during 5 years period.

He also started one of the first long-form episodic video shows on youtube in 2006 called wine library TV, filming 1,000 episodes over a 5-years window.(AWESOME)

Outside of being the chairman and CEO of his own companies, Garvy is a highly sought after public speaker, a 5-time New York times bestseleing Auther, as well as a prolific angel investor with companies such as FaceBook,Twitter,Tumblr,venmo and Uber.

Books wrote by Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. The Thank You Economy
  2. Ask Gary Vee
  3. Crush It
  4. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook
  5. Crushing It

Gary is currently the subject of
DailyVee, an online ducomentry series highlighting what it's like to be a CEO
and public figurein today's digital world,as well the host of the GaryVee audio experience, a top 50 global podcast and host #AskGaryVee, a business advice QnA SHOW.



               "I was patient...,
        while the market and the machine
        told me i wasn't going to win."
                               (Gary Venerchuk)

slow and steady wins the race.
it's a balance of regret and patience. like you can go hard for three years,
do nothig right,wake up and be young.

i am convinced that people do not understand that it takes patience and
a long time to build a real business.



Gary Venerchuk once said,
"i think failure has to be quantified.
if you fail thatg you can never get up from it again,
you know, that's not a good failure. i think failure and adversity are the two things i think about.

for me as an entrepreneur, and very entrepreneurial and always in my own stuff,All the failures along the way,
even going back to the baseball card show when i was 13.
that i paid $400 for a table and nobody showed up to that baseball card show,  that was a learning lesson.
those micro failures are super super important."

it depends on your stomach,right?
if you really go out of business, i think people take one of two ways,right? they're like just finished and
they're never able to get off the math and they go in a different direction.

so to me, i think quantifying the failure's important to me.



People aren't starting,
they're just not making,
they're thinking,
they're pondering,
they're strategizing,
they're debating.

lot of people look at finished products.
they look at LeBorn today,
they look at Kobe today,
they look at Beyonce today.
you know,the diffrent between understanding who you are verses who you wish were.

i mean if you want to be respected and really known, show the fuck up(here it means show your potential up)



The world is changing, we're more connected and your legacy, your maneuvering,your decision making
process has to start at your long term legacy.

big picture always wins.
if you're pumping out good shit, people
will follow, but if you for a second,a half a second don't believe
in what you're doing whatever it's yur personal brand or the product you represent,you need
to get out now.

always think of the big picture, the legacy. who are you going to b e viewed at when it's all said and done?



It beffles me how many people think that they're bigger than they actually are.
I hear people say like;
well how do i get in the New York Times? or how do i get that meeting with that CEO? and often times
i just say, one is better than zero.

The steps it takes to actualy get to the biggest places in the world. before you getting a meeting
with , you know, Zucks, or Cuban or Barry Diller, Elon Musk or whoever  you're trying to have a
meeting with in the business world, well you've got to have a lot of little meetings to build up your cadance.

People are always like man, you've been on Conan and Ellen and the Today show and CNN and Fox,
like how do i get that?and i'm like well , i also did a thousands interviews it  feels like on videos that got
one or 19 or 13 views.
and so  even toady, where i have more leverage, than i did three or four,five to six years ago to get bigger platforms,
i still live under motto of one is better than zero.

and that theone is greater than zero concept is something i'm proud that i continue to execute on.



I actually don't care about anything else,speed both in people skills and hardwork will trump anything.

     "speed is 4billion times more
         important than perfection."

When you're not spending any time worrying,your spending time on executing.
that's what a great culture is.

it's speed, you're not spending 15 minutes a day're not spending the four hours a day
wondering if that person trying to ruin you.

i understand it's race and yet speed is a
variable for me in a big way.
hustle, patience and speed are very much rubbing against each others but it's like the diamond comes from that.



I believe in both hustle and investing.
I don't think they're conflicting. I think hustle is investing when you don't have money.

I think that both are essential. I love investing financially, I love investing in people,I love investing in my audience which is why I put out concept for free.
I think investing is just smart and hustle in investing.



400 Trillion to 1 but you understand that math how can life that's how their it is to be a human being. How what are you waiting for like you've been given this ridiculous triple miracle like you're literally more likely to win the lotto ten times in your life then actually have a life.

So I ask you my friends with this one
life you gonna sit in your couch and dwell you're gonna be upset about some shortcoming you gonna be upset about that thing that happened last week,
I'm asking you, I'm promising you please take this swig,make this that bat, I'm so tired of people stomping because their uncle critique them or their mom made fun of them along the way or their girlfriend doesn't think that they can do it.

You have one at-bat 400 trillion to 1,please do something about it we are living through the greatest era to be alive ever.

Yes there's stuff, I got news for, there's always stuff but when you take control of your at-bat, when you put it all on yourself, when it's your fault and your wins, when you own it, that's when it starts.

Books wrote by Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. The Thank You Economy
  2. Ask Gary Vee
  3. Crush It
  4. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook
  5. Crushing It
Gary Vaynerchuk, From Unknown to The World Famous Personalities by Gary Vaynerchuk on Rewind Successful Life Gary Vaynerchuk,  From Unknown to The World Famous Personalities by Gary Vaynerchuk on Rewind Successful Life Reviewed by Ghani Mengal on July 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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