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What is success...

if we ask this question to diffrent peoples, those have diffrent catagries and stages of life like diifrent niches in which they are exports in deffrent situations,and those peopless that we think about them they are very sucessfll.
some of them says success is money.
some of them says success is peace.
some of them says success is hapiness.
some of them says success is how you enjoy your life.
everyone have there own defination of success.
because success is very personal depends on you that how you define success-but what is success in real?
is success is money?

many peoples says yeah it is but many peoples are against this.
i'm not talking about average peoples. i'm talking about well known personalities. when we saw a person who have a beautiful liimborghini in his garage and have a big house,have good bank balance and 9.8.7 and even 6 figures of monthly income, we think he is a successful person.
we judge a man is looking good like gentelemans and his physical looks are perfect, we think he is successed and when we saw a person who haven't wear coat,tie like gentlemans and businessmans and crossing the road without any vehicle we judge that he is a poor and failed person.
but acctually it is our  missjudgement,
when we take a look in history, there are lot's of \exmples that well known personalities. peoples think about tthem "they are successfull" they have  money,they have power,they have big house,large number of cars,they have bank balance and they have very very very good income.
but at thye end they sucide and ends there life chapter forever.because they feel fail and they are depressed. they can'y stablize there own.because they faield they are not successed. because the money,power,big house, bank balance and huge income is not success.


Who is succesful in the world right now. we think these personalities are very successful because they are Billionaires,they have lots of followers,they are CEO's or founders of very popular companies and Brands.
they are popular and they are very very very rich or richest persons in the world.
i giving you real life examples they are stil alive and we rhink that they are very successful, but how they define success in there own life.
how they feel the success and what is real success for them.


From any corner of the world peoples know him. he is worlds 2nd richest person and also worlds most successful person in business. bill Gates is the wealthiest person in the world, with a net worth of $88 billions.
he is CO-FOUNDERT of the Microsoft and there are many inspiring and motivational stories of his life.
in Reddit AMA, Gates took a tip from Warren Buffett when asked about his deffination of success.
    "Warren Buffett has always said the measure [of success] is wether the people close to you are happy and love you."
He added;
    "it is also nice to feel like you made a diffence-inventing something or raising kids or helping people in need."

Billionair Invester MARK CUBAN.

[You don't need money to be successfull]
in an interview ,hE SAID.
   "to me, the defination of success is waking up in the morning with a smile on your face,
    knowing it's going to be a great day. i was happy
    and felt like i was successful when i was poor,living six guys in a three-bedroom apartment,
    sleeping on the floor."


[Success is about happiness]
   "to many people measure how succesful they are by
    how much moey the make on the people that they associate withy."
He wrote on Linkedin.
    " in my opinion, the success should be measured by how happy you are."


If you mentioning success with infinety powers like superman in Hollywood movies. flying in sky, lazers in your eyes, and running like speed of light. you never get these impossible powers and you never can get success.
same if you mentioning your success with money. then you never be succesful  like superman powers
if yoiu take a look at billionairs they are still working, they are still doing there business because need of money can never ends.

         "Forget the money,because if you say getting the money is most important thing,you will spend
          your life completly wasting  your time. you be doing things you don't like doing in order to go on the living
          that is to go on doing things you don't like doing which is stupid."

success is not that yyou thinking of your life your future, power,money and just that you think and help others and they think about you" he is the man which i wanna be."
think this...
success for me is that i wake-up and sleep with the hope that i'm and my knowledge is developing day over night.
success for me is that my friends and few followers love me even if i have no money.
success for me is that  i'm helping peoples and making them developed andeducating them from truth behind stories.
success for me that i have skills that peoples want and i providing them my skills and kowledge whenever it's possible.
success to me that i bring smile on those faces which are hopless from the world.

and that you have to bring in your life in your targeting of your goal to be suucessfull.
not only live your life for your own, live your life for your world and your success will comes automatically.

just be your own and helping others.

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