5 Easy Steps To Find Out Your Life's Purpose

5 Easy Steps To Find Out Your Life's Purpose

Finding out your life purpose is one of the most fulfilling journeys that you can ever take.
Why are you here in this world?
Why do you exist?
What do you think is your reason for living?
Now, you don’t have to immediately have the answers to all of these questions–you need to discover the answers gradually.
Here are five simple steps you will need to undergo in order to discover your purpose in life.

1. Your life purpose matters to you. Find that One Thing that absolutely catches your interest.

Look deep into your heart and pinpoint that One Thing that captivates you. What makes you awestruck? Check out your bookmarked websites–what do they have in common? Bring out your reading list–what’s that topic that you’re particularly interested in?
Look back to the times when you talk with people–what subject matter can you find yourself talking about for long hours?
What’s that One Thing that you’d feel fulfilled to pursue?
Singing? Writing? Speaking? Dancing? Painting? Crafts-making? Reading?
Be honest with yourself. You’ll find that One Thing soon enough.

2. It should serve people around you. Lend some of your time and do some volunteer work.

Remember, the volunteer work that you should be doing must be connected with the One Thing that you were able to pinpoint in step one. Just do the work without any expectation of being compensated or being given the credit.
Your life purpose should have a massive impact to your community–it should be something that you love doing and something that people love seeing you do. Purpose, after all, is best when shared with others.

3. Your life purpose should enhance your growth as a person. Pinpoint your primary talent.

Some people say that they’re good at everything–this isn’t true at all. You can only be absolutely excellent at one thing and just average at the others.
You can find out your talent if you know which of your abilities can make you stand out like an ultimate celebrity. What are you wonderful at? What is the skill that compels people to come up to you and say, “Good job!” or “Wow, you really have a skill for that”?

4. Passion, service and talent should be all interrelated to form your life purpose. Connect the dots.

Once you’ve discovered that One Thing that you love doing, that thing that you can use to serve others and that thing that you’re very great at, you might be surprised to know that all of these are connected!
Take Nick Vujicic for example.
Nick loves communicating and expressing his religious views to everyone.
Nick serves people by inspiring them and motivating them to be the best that they can be.
Nick is absolutely wonderful at communications and public speaking.

5. Act on it.

Your family and friends may discourage you and tell you to just sit back and let things happen. Now, they do this because they think they’re protecting you, when in fact, they’re really just protecting themselves. They’re scared that you have the desire to find out your life purpose. This the first time they’ve seen someone do this, so forgive them. Forgive their negativity, their discouragement and their frustration.
Just go out there and really get your feet wet and your hands dirty.
Serve people by doing that One Thing that you’re passionate about.
Reach out to mentors in the same industry that you’re targeting.
Finding out your life purpose isn’t about attending classes, dissecting being-centered theories or working on a thesis. It’s about exploration–it’s an adventure that you can only take if you’re willing to.
Promise yourself that you will discover your life purpose so that you can make a difference.

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